This diverse collection of links keeps me inspired, challenged and helps shape the person I am today. It’s numbered in no particular order.

  1. Giddy with intelligence, the NYT is the only paper that really matters in the opinion of many. A short clip, a brilliant documentary.

  2. Dog Sledding. Life at its best, against the elements of nature, beautifully produced. A film by GOH IROMOTO.

  3. Font Men. Finding your passion, owning your eccentricity, the clients eventually follow.

  4. All the Way Charles Bukowski Poem.

  5. Packed with content, helps you look at everything differently. A labor of love by Maria Popova.

  6. Body Language by Amy Cuddy.

  7. The Art of Fielding - Chad Harbach. Makes you want to play baseball.

  8. Jenna Lyons. The real magic behind the brand better known as J.Crew.

  9. Cartier art department we salute you.

  10. A tip to a brillant business model in my home town of Melbourne Australia.

  11. The Mast Brothers whimsical take on retail.

  12. Hiut Denim - Do one thing well.

  13. Addictive brainfood.

  14. Satellite Island - Read about it in Vanity Fair only to discover its in Tasmania. Ironic.

  15. A simple story told well

  16. You might find me here on a rare day off. Inspiring and forever evolving is this heart warming cafe. There is a time when we were all Cibi